Buffalo Hydraulic
Buffalo Hydraulic
Buffalo Hydraulic
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With nearly 70 years of experience, buffalo hydraulic has the knowledge to offer a solution to your next high pressure/high tonnage hydraulic application. Whether your needs are a complex system to provide the necessary clamping force for machining a casting, lifting a locomotive, bridge or building, or a custom designed hydraulic press for maintenance or production, buffalo hydraulic would be glad to work with you.
With an endless supply of pumps, cylinders & valves and the ability and experience to design custom components, we are able to handle your most complex project!

Buffalo Hydraulic was awarded a contract to design and build a jacking system that
would provide 21 points of lift and be capable of lifting and documenting the weight of
NASA's famous Revolving Service Structure (RSS).

The weight of Kennedy Space Center's LC-39A was proved to be 5,280,000 lbs.
The weight of Kennedy Space Center's LC-39B was proved to be 5,342,000 lbs.

At 5,342,000 lbs., lifting/weighing LC-39B ranks very high on our list of Personal Favorites.
Our work on this project has now been recognized as a World Record for the;

'The Heaviest Object Ever Weighed'.

View our NASA project.